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    Diana Nunes Mizer

    Elijah is compassionate, focused, and skilled. It was a great combination to bring to our coaching since the relationship drama I was experiencing felt so confusing and overwhelming. Elijah was able to stay very focused on the core issues that were surfacing and skillfully choose the the perfect activities and processes that offered me unexpected and profound clarity.


    That clarity, that I am the chooser in my world, that I cannot control how another person feels about me or behaves has had a profound impact on how I was feeling about the situation at hand and in my other relationships as well, most importantly my relationship with myself.


    While those concepts themselves were not new to me, the depth at which my work with Elijah was able to illuminate and anchor those core learnings and release some old stuck patterns was surprising and inspiring! I highly recommend working with Elijah. I'm so grateful for my work with him.

    Valerie Newman

    Elijah is a soothing, calming, and healing source of strength for me and anyone else he impacts. Have you ever been caught in a

    winter blizzard and when you finally make it home, there's a hot cocoa and a soft, warm blanket waiting for you?


    When I first met Elijah, I was in the midst of a stormy period in my

    life. And his patience, understanding and empathy was just the right

    recipe for me to start my journey to a new, peaceful me. I became more content and confident and my loved ones began to notice and appreciate my new found balance. "You are so Zen now," observed one of my siblings.


    When I think about the future of my relationships, I think of

    the gift he gave me--that calm for me to summon when life throws storms my way.

    Kathryn Suk

    Elijah's demeanor and tone are strong, inviting, and curious. I didn’t realize that we were meant to cross paths, and I didn’t realize that my story would resonate with him and invite him in. It did, and I’m grateful.


    Through my experience with Elijah, I have begun to let go of my self-doubt and fear. I feel empowered knowing that I have reclaimed my authenticity as a daughter, a mother, a partner, and most importantly, as a woman.

    Rob Zimmerman

    Elijah has a natural gift for working with people. He is warm, welcoming, patient, and has a heart of gold. I know that I can bring any issue that I’m working on to our sessions, (even the ones that feel the most challenging and scary) because they are always met with compassion and grace.


    Elijah is also particularly skillful at working with the body. With his careful guidance, I have been able to go deep within myself to unlock whole new levels of understanding, insight, and power. Elijah is one of those “one in a million” people that I am forever grateful to have met and worked with. Truly unique, and a total gem.

    Preston Williams

    When I began working with Elijah, I had taken a single step towards a more fulfilling career and become completely paralyzed. I expected a concise solution to resolve my single issue and instead was taught a robust roadmap of my feelings, fears and beliefs that were holding me back in all areas of my life.


    Since working with Elijah, I've gained the courage to pursue my passions without fear or self-sabotage, finding my intuition for the first time and honing the tools to follow it on a daily basis. I've gained not only the ability to look in the mirror and better see myself, but to share that sense of self with others in my life, even when to do so was challenging and unfamiliar.


    Elijah helped take a small spark of authenticity and spread it to all areas of my life, and has broadened my expectations for how fulfilling my life could be.

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